RADINIUM Access 2.2

Radinium Access 2.2 is a Milestone XProtect® MIP Plugin integrating the SALTO ProAccess SPACE system using the SHIP protocol. XProtect® rule engine and permission system integration, allows per-door opening and closing, access logs, live events and live door status for online doors.

The SVN data-on-card allows access information to be stored on the card, tag, sticker or mobile keys, providing offline locks capabilities.

Offline doors are supported within this integration.

Assigning up to 2 cameras per door, makes it easy to use an Advanced Search using Filters, associated recordings and maps within Milestone XProtect®.


Milestone XProtect® Express+, Professional+, Expert or Corporate 2020 R1 to 2023 R1
PLEASE NOTE: The upcoming release version 2.5 will support Milestone 2023 R2 and later.
ProAccess SPACE 6 Version or higher recommended.
SALTO SHIP module.

The Milestone XProtect® Access Module is NOT required.


Feature List 2.2


Milestone Verified