Fire Panel
Integration into
Milestone XProtect®

   Radinium Fire Panel Integration

       Supporting industry standards like MODBUS, BACNET, OPC and others.

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Smart Client Plugin

The custom tab consist of several functions and areas:

1 – Separate Milestone Smart Client Tab
2 – New Customized Alarm List
3 – Alarm & Workflow (BPMN) Tab
4 – Up to 4 camera views per Sensor or Device
5 – Fire Sensor Location Map
6 – Generated Graphical Alarm Report
7 – Generated Graphical Maintenance Report

Radinix MINI Fire Integration Native Device

The Radinix MINI Fire Integration Device connects a fire alarm panel network to a TCP/IP network. It translates the protocol from a native format to a format compatible with the Fire Integration Plugin for all Milestone XProtect® VMS products.

It handles full handshaking between itself and the fire panel network, in order for the network to function correctly and reliably, even if the TCP/IP network were to be interrupted.

The Radinix MINI Fire supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) only, so no additional power input is required.

A single Radinix MINI Fire Integration Device is required for each fire panel network if the panel does not have ethernet.

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) Workflow


Milestone XProtect® Intrusion Alarm Integration plugin is BPMN 2.0 Compliant. This means the client can customize their own actionable procedures with a graphical notation or flow diagram.

In the Management Client our Process Editor offers a simplified subset of the BPMN Workflow for creating Tasks and Processes, and these processes are then actionable via the Smart Client for the Operators or Supervisors.


Graphical Alarm Reports


Generate a Fire Alarm Graphical Report within the Smart Client and export it to a PDF file.

Graphical Maintenance Reports


Retrieve a Graphical Maintenance Report including all errors and problems from all the Fire Panels on the Fire Network within the Smart Client.