Radinium Fire Panel Integration 

Radinium provide a Milestone XProtect© plugin interface supporting industry standards like MODBUS, BACNET, OPC and others through our own Radinix IoT unit for certain panels and through the SMC Fieldserver. Some fire panel vendors have their own variant of BACNET TCP/IP devices, which we, on further investigation, we may also be able to support.

Support Milestone XProtect© Professional+, Expert or Corporate 2018 R3 and above.

Radinium Workflow sold separately.


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There are several Fire Panel integration support options:

  • Ziton ZP3 is supported through the RADINIX unit,

  • Ziton ZP2 and BOSCH (OPC) panels support direct TCP/IP,

  • Edwards EST3, Fike, Firecom, Honeywell Gamewell FCI(7100, 7200, E3), Hochiki FireNet & Plus, Mircom FX2000, Notifier 1010/2020, Notifier AFP 200/300/400, Notifier INA, Notifier Italia AM6000, Notifier CEI-ABI, Notifier NCA & 2, Notifier NFS 320/3030 & NFS2-640, Secutron Model R, Siemens Fire Safety MXL/XLS/FSI, Honeywell Silent Knight, Simplex Grinnell 4100/TFX Minerva and VESDA Xtralis are all supported through the SMC FieldServer.


  • Some of the Fire Panel Vendors, not all known to us, offer their own BACNET devices.  On further investigation, we may also be able to support these.



Radinix IoT for Fire

The Radinix Intrusion Integration Unit connects the Fire Panel network to a TCP/IP network. It translates the protocol from a native format to a format compatible with the Milestone XProtect® Intrusion Integration Plugin for all Milestone XProtect® products.

Field Server Gateway

Sierra Monitor’s IoT gateways provide the widest multi-protocol support in the industry by far, seamlessly connecting devices and systems in even the most complex integration projects.


Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) Workflow included


Milestone XProtect® Fire Panel Integration plugin is BPMN 2.0 Compliant. This means the client can customize their own actionable procedures with a graphical notation or flow diagram.

In the Management Client our Process Editor offers a simplified subset of the BPMN Workflow for creating Tasks and Processes, and these processes are then actionable via the Smart Client for the Operators or Supervisors.

See Workflow for more information.


Graphical Alarm Reports


Generate a Fire Alarm Graphical Report within the Smart Client and export it to a PDF file.

Graphical Maintenance Reports


Retrieve a Graphical Maintenance Report including all errors and problems from all the Fire Panels on the Fire Network within the Smart Client.