RADINIUM Enhancer Integration

      Governance – Risk  – Compliance


Radinium Enhancer is fundamentally a Governance, Risk and Compliance platform, keeping management informed about key risks and changes to risk profiles and providing a framework for processing, identifying, assessing and controlling riskIt enforces compliance by understanding and efficiently allocating resources, where necessary, to satisfy regulatory and organizational requirements. It is highly configurable and satisfies customers across industries and sectors.   

From a highlevel perspective, the following areas are covered:


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Initial Tactical Response

The following examples touch on how departments across an organization use Radinium Enhancer:

Security and Risk Department

Initial Tactical Response:

The solution initiates an alarm, which flows through Milestone XProtect® via the BPMN Workflow and into Radinium Enhancer in the control room, where critical information is captured.

The operator is taken through pre-set Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), including validation of the incident and calling the police or security manager. The system can also pull feeds from various other sources, while the operator communicates with tactical response on the ground.

Additional information is captured and the operator can complete the initial capture fast.

Investigations / Case Management / Information Gathering / Arrests

Investigators can be assigned and managed, loading information at their desks or in the field via the mobile App, including video footage clipped and uploaded from Milestone XProtect® and using tools like Link Analysis and the Milestone XProtect® Bookmarking feature.

Examples of things that can be captured by investigators include documents, notes, photographs, witnesses, vehicles, interviews, recordings, suspicious entities, linked assets and participants.

Maintenance Department

Post Tactical Response – Repair & Mop-Up:

Both service provider or client can be automatically or manually assigned depending on priority. A job card can be automatically or manually assigned to a specific task.

Radinium Enhancer measures the Service Level Agreements and Service Levels of providers.

Work is checked and signed off, maintenance checklists can be completed, preventative maintenance checks can be assigned daily, weekly, monthly and exceptions managed, and maintenance teams can operate it using the mobile App.

OHS Department

Post Tactical Response – Safety: 

Ensuring cordoning off of affected areas, applying preventative safety measures, ensuring on site compliance checks are conducted, ensuring conformance to OHS requirements and standards and ensuring safety is effectively managed.

PR Department

 Post Tactical Response – Press Releases: 

Managing press releases, public opinion and social media, and when fast and accurate information is needed, hot from the field information is sent through.

Legal Department 

Post Tactical Response – Risk Mitigation:

Prosecution, protection, managing risk, ensuring strong cases can be built with accurate information from investigators and operators in the field and leaving an audit trail, security of data and stamping of events.


Post Tactical Response – Decision Making: 

Information is fast and accurate, decision making is made easier, dashboards, widgets & reports are available for various channels of reporting. The manager can determine what they want to see and the analysis of data is made easy.

Forms part of our Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) Workflow implementation:

Radinium Enhancer Integration plugin is BPMN 2.0 Compliant. This means the client can customize their own actionable procedures with a graphical notation or flow diagram, where all or selected information is sent to Radinium Enhancer automatically by selecting the Radinium Enhancer module.

In the Management Client, the Process Editor offers a simplified subset of the BPMN Workflow for creating Tasks and Processes, and these processes are then actionable via the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client for the Operators or Supervisors. Radinium Enhancer becomes part of the Alarm Process.

Radinium Enhancer Mobile App

Manage Exceptions
Capture Adverse Events / Incidents / Non-compliances
Investigation Case Management
Capture Photos
Add Documents
Capture Voice Notes
Make Notes
Follow SOP’s
Complete Online and Off-line Checklists
Tracking via GPS
Save and come back later
Scan QR or Bar Codes
Receive Job Cards
Complete Job Cards
Electronic Signatures
Manage Tasks
Manage Visitors
Multi-Level Validation
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