We are Radinium

Founded in 2016, as an industry leader in software development, focusing mainly on Milestone XProtect® VMS integrations.

1. Strategic

 Integrating systems with the Milestone XProtect® VMS allows for improved visibility and faster response times, cutting down on the required time and energy necessary for physical checks, while increasing safety and improving service delivery.

2. Professional

We get the job done right the first time with partners that are trustworthy.


We focus on on one thing at a time. We bring leading experts together making it easy to share experiences, knowledge and innovation.

Radinium focus on integrations with Milestone XProtect® VMS, to improve situation awareness, visibility and faster response time.

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10 Church Street
San Domenico, Unit 3
Durbanville, Cape Town
South Africa

T: +27 21 976 2560
E: info@radinium.com