Intrusion Panel Integration

for Milestone XProtect®


  Intrusion Panel Integration


NOTE: Radinium Intrusion for PIMA is under re-development. The plugin is not available at present. We will update the website as soon as the revised version is available with the new SIA protocol for Milestone 2023 R3 below and beyond.


Currently only supporting Milestone XProtect® Express+, Professional+, Expert & Corporate up to 2022 R3.


Vendor Support

Smart Client Plugin

The custom tab consist of several functions and areas listed below:

1 – Separate Milestone Smart Client tab.
2 – New Customized Alarm List.
3 – Alarms & Workflow (BPMN) tab.
4 – Intrusion Warning Area.
5 – Show all Disarmed Intrusion Alarms.
6 – Show all Armed Intrusion Alarms.
(Drag and drop to Arm and Disarm from Milestone)
7 – Up to 4 camera views per Zone or Sensor
8 – Map showing location of Intrusion Sensor
9 – Generate a Graphical Alarm Reports

Graphical Alarm Reports

With the click of a button, you can receive a customizable graphical report and export it to a PDF.