Intrusion Panel Integration

for Milestone XProtect®


  Intrusion Panel Integration

      Supporting industry standards like SIA, BACNET, and others.

Currently only supporting Milestone XProtect® Express+, Professional+, Expert & Corporate up to 2022 R3. 2023 support will be released in Q4 2023.


Vendor Support

Smart Client Plugin

The custom tab consist of several functions and areas listed below:

1 – Separate Milestone Smart Client tab.
2 – New Customized Alarm List.
3 – Alarms & Workflow (BPMN) tab.
4 – Intrusion Warning Area.
5 – Show all Disarmed Intrusion Alarms.
6 – Show all Armed Intrusion Alarms.
(Drag and drop to Arm and Disarm from Milestone)
7 – Up to 4 camera views per Zone or Sensor
8 – Map showing location of Intrusion Sensor
9 – Generate a Graphical Alarm Reports

Graphical Alarm Reports

With the click of a button, you can receive a customizable graphical report and export it to a PDF.