SALTO Integration Version 2.0
Features include:

  • Milestone Rule Engine Integration.
  • Low Battery warning alarms.
  • Generate Alarms in Milestone Alarm Manager based on SALTO Events.
  • Automatically synchronizes doors/rooms/lockers and cardholders with the underlying SALTO access control system.
  • HTTPS Encrypted connection between Milestone and SALTO (Unencrypted HTTP/STP also available).
  • License only the Doors/Rooms/Lockers you need in Milestone.
  • Assign permissions per Door/Room/Locker for a user or group
  • Forced Entry states for a Door/Room/Locker in SALTO gets added to the Alarm Manager with camera views.
  • Show Door/Room/Locker locations on Milestone map/s.
  • Receive ALL SALTO events in Milestone.
  • Search by Event, Lock and/or Cardholder.
  • Instant Playback on Event (Assign up to 2 cameras per Door/Room/Locker).
  • Offline doors with associated cameras available once the data is transferred from the SALTO tag/card/mobile key (SVN Integration).
  • Maps to show door/rooms/lockers.
  • Show Cardholder details with photo.
  • Associate cameras with door events.

  • Show Door/Room/Locker status information, updated live.
  • Show any Errors.
  • Open and Close Online Doors/Rooms/Lockers.
  • Filter by Open/Closed Doors, and Error states.
  • Live camera view per Online Door/Room/Locker (Up to 2 cameras per Online Door/Room/Locker).
  • Maps to show door/rooms/lockers.
  • Show Battery status on offline and RF doors.

  • Select an Online Door/Room/Locker to monitor live.
  • Display Access Granted/Denied comparing Cardholder image with Live view.
  • Remote Opening by Operator (Permissions set under Roles in Milestone).
  • On live view, open a door manually from the Smart Client or Milestone Mobile.

  • Forced open and close for doors (Evacuation / Lock-down)
  • Pr-configure groups of Online Doors/Rooms to activate/deactivate for Evacuation through the Milestone Smart Client.
  • Pr-configure groups of Online Doors/Rooms to activate/deactivate for Lock down through the Milestone Smart Client.

  • Updated generating reports by Cardholder, Locks and/or Events in PDF.
  • Reporting of events with filters for event type, door name, cardholder name with PDF export.