Fire & Intrusion Integration device
 enables Legacy Equipment

Radinix Fire & Intrusion Integration Device

The Radinix Integration device connects the Legacy Fire & Intrusion Alarm Panel to a TCP/IP network. It translates the protocol from a native format to a format compatible with the Milestone XProtect® Fire & Intrusion Integration Plugin for all Milestone XProtect® + products, excluding XProtect® Essential+.

The Radinix Integration device handles full handshaking between itself and the Fire & Intrusion Alarm panel network.

This device supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) 802.11af/at only; therefore no external power is required.

A single Radinix Integration device is required for each Legacy Intrusion Panel and Fire Panel network.

Radinix Web Interface

The Radinix Integration device has its own web interface to set an IP address, a password and select which panel to connect to.

A firmware upgrade option is also available, to add additional panel support and features.

How it works

Usually, older Fire & Intrusion Panel vendors have proprietary serial communication protocol implementations and/or compatibility with building control system protocols like MODBUS/BACNET/OPC/SIA TCP/IP. The Radinix Integration device is a protocol translation IoT device, connecting Milestone XProtect® directly to these non-TCP/IP Fire & Intrusion Panels.

The Plugin records the events in a SQL database and sends relevant alarms and functional data to Milestone XProtect® Alarm Management, also viewable on the Smart Client.

Radinium has additionally created a new Monitoring tab for fire events, visible in the Smart Client, for CCTV Operators and Supervisors to promptly view and respond to relevant Fire or Intrusion events.  Currently, up to 4 cameras can be associated with a fire sensor (e.g. call point, smoke detector, etc.), providing immediate visibility to the operator to more effectively evaluate the severity of the event.